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Pomppa Toppa


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Its waterproof outer fabric, soft teddy lining and well-insulating wadding will keep your dog warm even when the temperature is freezing. Toppa Pomppa is designed to cover the entire dog. Soft materials, a generous sizing and a large rear panel ensure that your dog will stay warm in all weather conditions, during breaks in training and waiting in the car.

The picture below shows where to take the measurement used in Pomppa size charts. When measuring, the dog needs to be in standing position, back bone as straight as possible. If a dog has thick fur, it should be considered by leaving a bit of space in measurements.

1. BACK – Measure back length from point of shoulder (on top of dog’s back) to base of the tail.

2. NECK – The circumference of the neck is measured from the same point as the beginning of the back measurement. This dimension is only used for JumppaPomppa.

3. CHEST – The circumference of the chest is measured at the widest point of the dog’s chest.

4. WAIST – The circumference of the waist is measured behind the chest from the narrowest point of the dog.

PLEASE NOTE- The Toppa is a generous fit so go down a size if the dog is between sizes.

Additional information

Weight 0.800 kg

37cm, 40 cm, 44cm, 48cm, 52cm, 56cm, 60 cm, 65cm


Calluna (light pink), Dandelion (yellow), Juniper (green), Kymppi (Pattern), Mint (pastel green), Pink (hot pink), Plum (purple), Sky (blue)


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