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Barking Up the Right Tree: The Science and Practice of Positive Dog Training


Cut to the Chase Capri Leggings

Original price was: £34.99.Current price is: £29.99.

You asked for it and we have answered! Our best-selling hair resistant, dog training leggings now in a 3/4 capri length! All the same great features as the full length design, including a fitted cuff at the bottom to keep them securely in place and stop them from rising up.

Dog Training Decoded


Discover the groundbreaking new training book, Dog Training Decoded by Simon Prins.

Dog Training Decoded is a story about bridging the gap between trainers, dog handlers and scientists. It’s about real-life operations, about failure and success. It’s about discovering the value of collecting and analysing data, and how to draw on scientific research. It is a manual on how to train dogs, but it will also give you new insights into training and behaviour and – perhaps the biggest challenge of all – it will help you to motivate trainers and handlers to work with positive reinforcement and to discard punishment as a means of changing behaviour.

In Dog Training Decoded, Simon investigates:

  • The power of conditioning
  • The learning process, and overcoming problems within it
  • Motivation and stimulation
  • Problem behaviour
  • Working with training protocols
  • What makes a good trainer?

Faux Fur Treat Pouch


Mop bungee with holee football


Mop bungee with holee football.

Dogs love the texture of mop microfibre and what better addition to it than a holee roller football.

Rabbit and Sheepskin Bungee Ring


A combination of sheepskin and rabbit skin on a bungee ring.

The smell of the rabbit skin coupled with the feel of the sheepskin makes this toy irresistible to your dog.

The bungee ring means it is easy to fold up and stuff in a pocket.

Rabbit Braided Tug


Rabbit skin braided with high quality fleece on a bungee handle.

A fantastic toy for all the rabbit skin fans! The fleece intertwined with the fur means the dog can get a better grip when tugging.

The length of the toy also means it is great for rough tuggers as they cannot get too close to your hands, or for dragging along the floor for those that like chase games.

Rainbow faux fur bungee with durafoam ball


Finally a tug toy for dogs that like a soft and squishy ball, attached to the end of the classic rainbow faux fur bungee.

The starmark durafoam ball is specially made for dogs from a patented strong foam material which is virtually indestructible. Very lightweight so easy to throw.

Rainbow faux fur bungee with holee football


Rainbow faux fur bungee with holee football.

The holee roller football is easy to grip, and dogs love its texture.

Sheepskin bungee with holee roller football.


High quality sheepskin bungee with a holee roller football.

The holee roller football is easy to grip, and dogs love its texture.

Tracking For Every Dog