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Feeding Smart with The Science Dog


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In The Science Dog’s latest myth-busting book, Linda Case takes on canine nutrition and feeding practices. It seems that almost everyone has an opinion about how our dogs should be fed and what is a healthy diet for them. In this timely book, Linda Case takes a look at the evidence and what answers science can provide regarding how to best feed our dogs. The book’s five sections each tackle a set of commonly posed questions, using the research of leading nutritionists from around the world to provide practical answers. If you wonder whether dogs are true carnivores, whether or not they can digest grains, why some dogs gain weight so easily, and if it is safe to feed your dog a raw diet, this book has the answers for you. Other chapters separate nutrition fact from fiction regarding omega-3 fatty acids, dietary supplements, the quality of pet food ingredients, and the nutrient needs and dietary preferences of dogs. Whether you are a canine health professional, trainer, work with a shelter or rescue group, own a dog-related business or simply wish to understand nutrition and feeding better for your own dog, the information provided in “Feeding Smart” will be of interest and value to you.

Linda Case is a well-known science writer, canine nutritionist, and dog trainer. She is the author of eight other books, as well as the popular “Science Dog Blog”. She taught at the University of Illinois’s Department of Animal Sciences and College of Veterinary Medicine and currently owns The Science Dog Courses, an on-line professional training school for dog owners and professionals.

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