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Simply Scenting Ebook


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Dawn Jecs introduces an innovative, natural way to teach your dog scent discrimination, designed for utility level obedience. Dawn’s use of step-by-step instructions and black & white photos to guide you through the process from start to finish leaves little confusion in applying this technique towards utility level obedience.

The formal scent discrimination exercise in advanced utility obedience trials can be made simple and fun for you and your dog using Dawn’s “reverse theory of teaching”. Simply Scenting describes using food in teaching scent discrimination and young puppies can be started prior to learning retrieving skills. Using her reverse theory of teaching, combined with positive, challenge proofing at each level and food delay techniques eliminate the problem of no food, no dog.

Dawn Jecs was one of the Prison Pet Partnership creators, a founding member, and the executive director for eight years. She also selected and directed the training of the first official “Seizure Alert Dog” training program anywhere in the world. Dawn’s program and program supporters were instrumental in lobbying successfully for the passage of Washington State’s Dog Law giving disabled persons the right to have a service dog in public places. This program became the certifying agency for service dogs in Washington state.

Published 1998 Self published

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