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Fun, Fast and Fabulous Weaves DVD


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What is it about?

This DVD shows the easiest way to train weaves from zero to perfection, giving you total understanding of entries and independence and most efficient footwork, while making it all just another fun game. It also offers plenty of ideas for proofing for dogs who already know how to weave and improves their weaving style and speed at the same time.

It’s more than an hour long and includes a pdf file with over 100 entry & proofing ideas.


More about Silvia- Silvia Trkman as been in agility since 1992. She is a 14-time national champion of Slovenia, with five different dogs, and a 14-time World Team member, with five different dogs. Silvia has won the FCI Agility World Championships two times. Her training methods are best known for producing fast, happy, and healthy dogs, tight turns and, of course, running contacts.

When was it released- 2013

Who produced it- Silvia Trkman

Running time- 61 minutes


~~Silvia Trkman is a 14 time national champion, two time world champion and 14 time world team member. She is hugely admired and respected in the agility world for her extremely effective training methods that emphasises fun, creating fast, happy and healthy dogs capable of amazing tight turns and phenomenal running contacts.

In her latest DVD, Trkman addresses the weaves, showing us how to turn weave training into just another fun game. She places particular emphasis on independence, entries and exits meaning that it has something to offer for all levels of dogs, from the beginner to the seasoned campaigner.

Trkman begins by telling us that she has been using this same method to train weaves for the past 20 years, explaining that it is fast, fun, easy to teach and very effective. She continues by adding that the main focus of this DVD is on independence and entries and therefore it is not just for beginner dogs, but also provides lots of new challenges to dogs that already have established weaves.

Trkman then introduces us to some of the reasons why she chooses to train weaves using channels. Firstly she explains that the concept behind using channel weaves is similar to why she uses running contacts, in that it creates the idea of a chasing game which is more fun for the dog. Other reasons for using the channel method include:

  • Enables us to teach entries and exits without having to teach the dog to weave first
  • Promotes staying in the weaves
  • Helps the dog to learn a more efficient style
  • Teaches speed first
  • Doesn’t require much equipment
  • Allows us to teach several things at the same time.

Trkman next takes us through the following ten steps to achieve perfect weaves:

  1. Setting the channels- Trkman provides details on what to use to set up the channels, also giving us advice on spacing.
  2. Introduction to the channel- She explains what to do initially to introduce your dog to the channels.
  3. Independence- Trkman believes that we should start to teach independence early on in the process, adding in distractions such as stopping, changing direction, moving out, etc.
  4. Adding angle to the entry- Again this is something Trkman believes should begin early as long as you start with the angle very small
  5. Narrowing the channel- Trkman explains that we can start this right away but we should put more emphasis on entries and independence rather than closing the channel.
  6. Switching from a static reward at the end of the weaves to a toy thrown after. Trkman discusses why this is necessary and at what stage we should introduce it.
  7. Adding more challenges-This involves introducing extreme entries as well as distractions and coming to the weaves from other obstacles.
  8. Switch to rewarding from hand- This ensures that the dog does not learn to always expect the reward to come from ahead.
  9. Putting it into courses- Trkman goes through some problems commonly encountered with weaves in courses as well as explaining when to reward.
  10. Keep creating new challenges- She discusses the importance of continually setting yourself new challenges and only doing exercises that will teach either you or your dog something new.

Trkman then provides us with a huge variety of different weave entries to practise. She demonstrates them all with her own dogs and explains that some are taken from courses she has run and others she has created herself. She is confident that if you can master all of these entries in training, then you will never have any problems in competition.

Also included is a troubleshooting section which includes detailed explanations and answers to commonly encountered problems which include;

  • Not looking for the first pole
  • Pushing poles out
  • Switching to normal weaves
  • Closing the last cm
  • Perfect in training but not in trials
  • Skipping the second pole
  • Trkman also explains why she chooses not to use hoops when training weave poles.

Trkman presents this DVD with her usual enthusiastic style, dedicating plenty of coverage to troubleshooting, therefore making it an easy method to follow at home. Also included is a PDF file with over 100 entry and proofing ideas.


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