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Tracking For Every Dog


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Tracking – the ability to identify and follow a scent that we cannot see or smell – is a skill that is unique to dogs and one that we can never replicate. However, we can harness this superpower and make good use of it. Dogs can be trained to track down criminals, locate vital clues, find missing persons, and search for victims of natural disasters who may be trapped under rubble and other debris.

We can also use tracking simply to have fun with our dogs, and to give them the opportunity to use their amazing skills. Award winning author Rob Hewings, a former police officer, who now runs the College of Scent Dogs, is dedicated to making this aspect of training available to everyone – all types of handlers, and all types of dogs. Starting from scratch, he has devised a programme that includes:

• Early learning to identify and follow a track
• Negotiating turns
• Finding article on and off the track
• Laying a track and reading a track plan
• Hard surface tracking

In addition if you want to spread the word and become an instructor, there are bespoke lesson plans, ideas for scenario-based training and team training, plus a troubleshooting section which finds solutions for issues that crop up in training.

Illustrated with photographs, diagrams and track plans, Tracking For Every Dog, will take you inside the extraordinary world of scent detection, giving you the chance to acquire new skills and attempt fresh challenges. This could involve joining a club and enjoying the camaraderie of working with fellow enthusiasts, progressing to competitive tracking, having a go at mantrailing, or branching out into conservation tracking. But, perhaps most important of all, Tracking For Every Dog will give you the means to work with your dog, enhancing your relationship with him, while taking exercise out in the fresh air. What’s not to like?

Dr Rob Hewings, author of the award winning, Scent Training For Every Dog, has now turned his attention to tracking, which he describes as “the training your dog would love to do”.

Drawing on 30 years’ experience working as a dog handler and instructor in the Metropolitan Police, Rob has a very practical take on the complexities of scent identification, track-laying and handling, which makes the sport of tracking accessible to everyone: handlers from every type of background –from newcomer to instructor – and to every type of dog, which includes, pets, serious competitors, and those undergoing rehab for behavioural issues.

Following his career in the police, Rob branched out into academic circles, completing his bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in matters relating to canine training and behaviour, and he is the only person in the world to have a doctorate in scent detection training.

Rob now runs the College of Scent Dogs, and is much in demand as a guest teacher and trainer, visiting Europe, North America and Australia on a regular basis.


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