The Easiest Way to Running Contacts DVD


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What’s It About?

Silvia Trkman’s new DVD, puts a twist on her previous Running Contacts video – making the process shorter and easier on dogs’ bodies and limiting the time on actual equipment to the minimum. It allows you to train anytime, anywhere and master turns, soft turns and straight exits with all possible handling after with just a mat and well before introducing dog-walk and A-frame. It

  • Shortens the whole process by focusing on understanding right from the start
  • Keeps the work on equipment to the minimum by teaching it all on just a mat – meaning very little work on actual dog-walk needed
  • Eliminates the tossed toy phase, replacing it with just handing the toy to a dog, so it’s much easier on their bodies – but still allows you to work with lots of speed well before adding a dog-walk into the picture

It covers both dog-walk and A-frame and is appropriate for total beginners, retrains and all trying to improve their running contacts.


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