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Rainbow Faux Fur Bungee with Chuckit Erratic Ball


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For some dogs movement is the thing, and if it’s unpredictable, it’s even better!


The chuckit erratic ball, made from natural rubber, is specially designed to have an erratic bounce, and this will encourage your dog to retrieve. He can then take hold of the ball or the brightly coloured faux fur bite area, which is easy to grip. The bungee allows for interactive tugging, and the handle, lined with durable, easy-to-wash soft-shell, is kind to your hands.



Handle length: 6.5 in

Overall length: 16.5 in



Assorted colour combinations for webbing, handle lining and ball; please contact us if you have a colour preference.


Cleaning instructions

Machine washable 30 degrees C; line dry.


Zayma toys are designed for supervised, interactive play. They are not suitable for chewing.


Designed and handmade in Poland





Additional information

Weight 0.300 kg


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