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Mop Bungee Furry Patriots Team GB


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Our favourite mop tug toy with a Great Britain inspired handle design


This is a simple toy, but it ticks all the boxes. The mop bite area, made of a unique microfibre material is easy to grip, and ideal for soft-mouthed dogs and puppies. The bungee enables an interactive game of tug with minimum strain on your body, and the handle is lined with durable, easy-to-clean soft-shell which is kind to your hands.



Mop area: 2.25 x 5.5 in

Handle length: 6.5 in

Overall length: 19 in



Washing instructions

Machine washable (30 C); line dry.


Zayma toys are designed for supervised, interactive play. They are not suitable for chewing.


Designed and handmade in Poland.


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