Long Faux Fur Lo Ball Chaser



The ultimate chaser toy with lo ball treat pod attachment

Soft webbing handle with long faux fur bite area and lo-ball treat pod on the end. An ideal toy to encourage the food motivated dog to tug.

The lo ball features three ‘petals’ lined with Velcro allowing the dog to tear the ball open to reveal tasty treats that can be concealed within. Great for reluctant players or food motivated dogs. A game your dog will enjoy playing over and over again!

Available with both small and medium lo-balls and in the standard blue and yellow and new limited edition, purple and black and burgundy and blue.

Now also available in a short faux fur option.

Lo Balls come in two sizes.

  • Small: 7cm diameter
  • Medium: 8.5cm diameter

Additional information

Weight 0.250 kg

Blue and Yellow, Burgundy and Blue, Purple and Black


Medium, Small


Long Faux Fur, Short Faux Fur


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