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Flirt Pole with Faux Fur Attachment


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The flirt pole has given handlers the means of encouraging interactive play – and now we have gone one better!
The squishy face studio flirt pole is a tried and trusted favourite, enabling safe and effective distance play, and now you can make the game even more enticing by adding a faux fur attachment which your dog will find irresistible.
The flirt pole allows you to be creative, awakening your dog’s predatory drive with games of chase and hide-and-seek, and then when he is ready to pounce, there is the perfect bite area for him to hold on to.

The faux fur attachments are designed with a loop so they are easy to attach, and they are of a sufficient size to allow your dog to engage him in a gentle game of tug, without issues of re-gripping

Choose from our range of faux fur attachments:

Faux fur: Soft and easy to grip

Long faux fur: For soft-mouthed dogs and puppies

Faux rabbit: Just like the real thing!

Faux lambskin: Woolly texture

Sherpa: Soft and woolly

Faux fur with fleece strips- Great for puppies or dogs that need a bit more movement to encourage play.



Now you can:
 Choose the faux fur attachment that your dog likes best.
 Buy a selection of faux fur attachments if he likes variety.
 Customise your flirt pole with different attachments so every dog in your
household has his favourite toy!

Size chart
The flirt poles comes in two sizes:
Regular: For a play/training area measuring 4.5 x 4.5 m/15 x 15 ft
Junior (24 in/70 cm): For a smaller play/training area
Faux fur attachment

**Please note, for the 36 inch flirt pole, due to courier restrictions we are not able to offer free shipping to the Highlands and Islands of the UK. Please contact us before ordering for details of shipping costs to both these areas and those outside of the UK**.

Washing instructions for toy attachments
Machine washable (cold wash)
Line dry

All Performance Dog toys are intended to be interactive and should only be used in supervised play and training.

Additional information

Weight 1.00 kg

24 inch, 36 inch


Faux Fur, Faux Fur with Fleece Strips, Faux Lambskin, Faux Rabbit, Long Faux Fur, Long Sherpa, Pink Faux Fur, Sherpa


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