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Zero Dc Faster Harness



Everything You Need to Know

The Zero DC harnesses have been developed to achieve a perfect fit so that the harness lies close to the body, achieving maximum traction force spread across the chest and shoulders while allowing the dog to have free, unimpeded movement of his back and legs.

The Faster harness is  popular for activities such as canicross and bikejoring,

This dog running harness distributes all pulling force away from the neck, hugging the body without restricting lung capacity, leg movement or the upward coiling movement of a dogs back while running. Extra surface material and conical shape of the harness results in lower pounds per square inch pressure on the dog.

The open back design does not inhibit spine movement. More energy is directed to moving forward. Wide side straps provide outstanding lateral support, keeping the harness from shifting out of place. Strong, tailored shoulder and chest plates and rear strap are made from water repellent, quick dry material with integrated hi-viz reflector strips on all sides.

This harness excels in use for canicross, bikejor, scootering, dry land mushing and skijoring.

We recommend this harness for strong pulling dogs as it works best when the dog keeps a constant tension on the line.

  1. Neck – measure where the collar would sit on your dog
  2. Chest – measure the ribs at the broadest part
  3. Back Length – from base of neck to base of tail


XS: Neck 35 – 39 cm Chest 55 – 60 cm, Back 40 – 45 cm

SL: Neck 37- 40 cm, Chest 59 – 62 cm, Back 45 – 50 cm

S: Neck 39 – 43 cm, Chest 61 – 64 cm Back 50 – 56 cm

M: Neck 39 – 43 cm, Chest 64 – 70 cm, Back 52 – 57 cm

L: Neck 40 – 44 cm, Chest 70 – 78 cm Back 55 – 60 cm

XL: Neck 43 – 45 cm Chest 78 – 85 cm, Back 60 – 66 cm

XXL: Neck 44 – 47 cm, Chest 85 – 92 cm, Back 66 – 70 cm

XXXL: Neck 46 – 49 cm, Chest 92 – 100 cm Back 70 – 76cm


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