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Training The Disaster Search Dog Ebook


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Disaster Search Dog teams save lives!

Quick response to natural and man-made disasters can mean the difference between life and death for trapped victims. Highly trained Disaster Search Dog (DSD) teams are an increasingly important component in response efforts to save lives in the face of terrorist attacks, earthquakes and floods—and training these teams has never been more important.

Whether you aspire to have your dog ready to help your community in case of a local disaster or you wish to select and train a dog to become part of a certified FEMA, DSD team, this is the first book written that tells you how to do it. Training the Disaster Search Dog describes the step-by-step training methods that human-dog teams use to locate victims in rubble and is based on the author’s 28 years of field experience.

You will learn:

  • To teach DSD skills using positive training techniques.
  • How to build and train with the specialized equipment used in training.
  • How to prepare to pass the FEMA Type I and Type II DSD tests.
  • What it is like to be part of a disaster recovery effort.

Shirley has more than 28 years of Search and Rescue experiences. She has trained and certified dogs in area search, cadaver, disaster, evidence and water search. As a Training Advisor and Instructor for California Rescue Dog Association Inc. Shirley has mentored many teams through wilderness, cadaver, water and the FEMA Disaster Search Certification process. Among Shirley’s most significant disaster search deployments are the Mexico City Earthquake 1985, San Ber- nardino Train Wreck 1989, Loma Prieta Earthquake 1989, Hurricane Iniki 1992, Oklahoma City bombing 1995 and the World Trade Center Disaster 2001.
Currently, Shirley gives seminars on Disaster Search Dog training and Hu- man Remains Detection

Published- 2005 Dogwise Publishing

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