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Dogs in Translation Workbook




Authors Gabi Maue and Katja Krauss have taken the key points of Dogs in Translation and produced a workbook which allows teachers to set exercises, and gives students – and enthusiasts – an opportunity to hone their observational skills and predict outcomes.

Featuring body language, communication signals, and emotions, each exercise is centred round photographs depicting a developing situation. The student is asked to describe and analyse what they see, and then answer questions pertaining to the dogs’ responses. All is revealed in the second half of the workbook – Outcomes – which gives photographic evidence and commentary to confirm what happened next.

The Dogs in Translation Workbook is an essential tool for teachers and students but perhaps, even more importantly, it gives all enthusiasts a chance to fine-tune their dog-reading skills, contextualise what is going on, and then decide what would be the best course of action.

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