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Tuning up for Competition 2-DVD Set

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What’s It About?

Even very experienced agility dogs need an opportunity to work on their jumping skills without pressure from us and without receiving any conflicting information, which can often be inadvertently provided by our handling. Think of jump work as your dog’s savings account: Each time you take a handling class, seminar, or compete in a trial, you are in fact making withdrawals from the dog’s savings; at some point the savings account needs to be replenished before problems begin. This tune-up regimen for the week before a competition allows you to make deposits into that savings account so your dog is in top form, covering ground efficiently and confidently as he jumps, and happily providing those moments of brilliance when it counts.

As a bonus, this 2-DVD set includes a 16-page PDF file with notes and diagrams for all of the exercises on the DVD.

About the Presenter

Susan Salo has over 35 years of experience in the world of show jumping as both a competitor and a professional trainer. She has ridden for many years with some of the nation’s most noted horsemen including Gene Lewis, George Morris, and the late Jimmy Williams. Susan brings her extensive experience of combining speed with jumping to the sport of dog agility. She offers a unique perspective and knowledge of the mechanical aspects of jumping which, when properly applied, can create muscle memory and balance for the canine athlete. Not to be confused with handling seminars, her lessons and workshops focus entirely on the dog—building better jumping skills and instilling more confidence and speed. Training with Susan is an opportunity to develop your “eye” and witness dogs learning about balance, striding, and scope until jumping becomes effortless for them.

Released 2010 Clean Run Productions

Running time- 2 hours, 16 minutes


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