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Way to Go!


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What’s It About?

How to housetrain a dog of any age! This clear, concise booklet can help your puppy or adult dog learn a lifetime of good habits. In addition to a step-by-step plan to get your dog to eliminate outside and outside only. Way to Go! is loaded with practical information about how long you can expect housetraining to take, tips for knowing when your puppy needs to go outside, how to handle night time, how to clean up accidents, and how to teach your dog to eliminate on cue.

Written by Patricia McConnell and Karen London, this booklet can help your puppy or adult dog learn a lifetime of good house training habits. Perfect for new dog owners, and the perfect addition to puppy packets or puppy socialization classes. It will help any dog and dog lover get off on the right paw.

About the Authors

Patricia McConnell, Ph.D, CAAB, has been training dogs and helping dog owners for over twenty years. She is the behaviour columnist for The Bark magazine (“the New Yorker of Dog Magazines”), a consulting editor for the Journal of Comparative Psychology and Adjunct Associate Professor in Zoology at the University of Wisconsin- Madison. She hosted public radio’s Calling All Pets for 14 years, and is an internationally acclaimed speaker and seminar presenter. She is also the author of many books.

Karen B. London Ph.D is a Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist and professional dog trainer who specialises in evaluating and treating serious behavioural problems in domestic dogs.

Published 2003 Dogwise Publishing


Great for the new dog owner

Reviewer: Kasey Laplace

A common sense, no nonsense booklet for housetraining a dog of any age! Practical and useful information! A great booklet to give to dog-training clients!

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