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I’ll Be Home Soon!


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What’s It About?

This booklet explains the difference between dogs who truly have separation anxiety and those that merely misbehave. Written by Patricia McConnell, it describes a dog behavior modification program for the prevention and treatment of both problems. A treasure chest of ideas for keeping your dog happy in your absence, this booklet can help prevent and treat both minor and severe dog problems related to dogs being “home alone.” Clear and understandable, this easy to read booklet is written for anyone who wants to leave the house knowing that their dog is happy and their house is safe.

About the Author

Patricia McConnell, Ph.D, CAAB, has been training dogs and helping dog owners for over twenty years. She is the behaviour columnist for The Bark magazine (“the New Yorker of Dog Magazines”), a consulting editor for the Journal of Comparative Psychology and Adjunct Associate Professor in Zoology at the University of Wisconsin- Madison. She hosted public radio’s Calling All Pets for 14 years, and is an internationally acclaimed speaker and seminar presenter. She is also the author of many books.

Published 2000 Dogwise Publishing

Pages- 37


Another good value, get them all.

Reviewer: David B

I have read most, if not all of Patricia McConnell’s booklets. These are must-have books for anyone exposed to shelter, or rescue group dogs. Yet, these books are simple enough, that even the serious, regular pet owner can get benefit from as well.

This booklet like the rest, can be appreciated by even those who do NOT have a separation anxiety (SA)dog. I have not yet had to deal directly with a separation anxiety dog, but volunteering at the local shelter, it is only a matter of time.

A lot of effort is put into identifying what is, or is not SA. From my viewpoint of a regular dog owner, I appreciate that! And the how to prevent SA information as well.

I think if you purchased every booklet Patricia ever wrote, you wouldn’t be out any more than what a regular obedience class would cost. And SOooo much more information!

Great for mild cases!

Reviewer: Jacquelyn England

I liked this book a lot, but I did feel it concentrates quite a bit on milder cases of separation anxiety. The detailed explanations of how to tell your dog suffers from separation anxiety are great, as is the information on helping fix milder cases. The section referring to fixing extreme separation anxiety using gradual desensitization is slightly lacking, but other than that – great book.


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