So You Want To Be A Dog Trainer 2nd Edition By Nicole Wilde


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What’s It About?

Your step-by-step guide to becoming a professional dog trainer! Advice, tips and insider secrets are presented in an easy-to-follow, down-to-earth manner; it’s like having a professional trainer sit down for a helpful chat! Topics include what it’s really like to train dogs — and their owners; financial feasibility of different types of training; how to get an education; how to set up your business and advertise; tools and products you should not be without; teaching group classes; teaching in-home lessons; phone tips; safety tips; trainer etiquette.

This revised second edition features a brand new section on web advertising, expanded sections on education, tools and products, and an expanded Resources section. This book is required reading in many train-the-trainer courses and is recommended by the Association of Pet Dog Trainers.

New edition has expanded resources and product information and updated marketing advice.


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