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The Teaching Dog – Partnering with Dogs for Instruction, Socialisation and Demonstration in Your Training Practice


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What’s It About?

The concept of using dogs as teaching aides is gaining popularity among trainers worldwide. A ‘Teaching Dog’ can be used to demonstrate behaviors, work to socialize puppies and even help out in reactive dog classes. Trainer and author Nicole Larocco- Skeehan’s new book is the first to explore all aspects of what trainers need to know about using teaching dogs to make the job of learning new behaviors and problem solving easier for both human and canine clients including the roles they can play as well as the types and breeds that work best for the tasks you want them to do.

What the experts are saying about The Teaching Dog
This is a must-read for any dog trainer who is considering using their own dog or finding a dog to assist in dog training lessons. Nicole takes a deep dive into the many characteristics and roles of a teaching dog that can happily and properly help a professional dog trainer in their work.
Ines McNeil, B.S., CPDT-KA, Founder of The Modern Dog Trainer Blog & Podcast

Nicole has created a comprehensive guide for the selection, training and use of “teaching dogs.” Every dog trainer, regardless of experience, will benefit from the practical information in this book.
Bradley Phifer, CBCC-KA CPDT-KSA, President, Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers

WOW! As an instructor who has had the privilege of working alongside a Mr. Particular, a Mr. Magnet Dog, a Ms. Life of the Party, and a Ms. All-Rounder over the course of my professional dog training career, I absolutely love this book! Nicole has packed an incredible amount of information into this instructive and entertaining book.
Dawn Antoniak-Mitchell, Esq. CPDT-KSA, CBCC-KA, author of Teach Your Herding Breed to be a Great Companion Dog: From Obsessive to Outstanding

A must have for any trainer! This book is a comprehensive guide to working with the best dog for any teaching situation. Nicole’s approachable method provides clear advice on how to evaluate the dogs around you and play to their strengths as partners.
Dana Vachon, CPDT-KA, author of the DVD Puppy Club—The Complete Guide for Developing a Group Socialization Course for Puppies

About the Author

Nicole Larocco-Skeehan, CPDT-KA, owns and operates Philly Unleashed which provides group and private dog training in Philadelphia. She also teaches shelter behavior classes. Nicole and her husband live with a wide variety of animals on a small farm and recently welcomed a new baby to her family. She can be reached through


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