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The Oyster


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The Oyster is an easier alternative to our Lo-ball. The two halves can be closed together by two tough velcro strips, hiding tasty treats inside.

Featuring a loop on the bottom, allowing you to attach a handle or long line for throw and chasing games. Made from a tough, rip resitant fabric. In blue and yellow, the two colours that are most visible to dogs.

12 cm diameter

Handle Options

You can buy the Oyster either on it’s own or on a range of different handles, as detailed below

Soft webbing handle – This allows you to use the Oyster as a thrown reward, enabling accurate and effective distance training. The movement adds to the excitement, and once your dog has found his treat, you can use the handle to make the Oyster come ‘alive’ and develop some interactive play.

Bungee Handle – Once your dog has found his treat, you can engage him in an interactive tug game. You can also use it as a thrown toy when you want to reward him from a distance. The bungee is made from soft webbing and the fleece-lined handle is kind to your hands.

Chaser Handle – Turn your Oyster into a chase toy by adding our long webbing lead. Awakening your dog’s predatory prey drive is a great way to encourage interactive play – your dog will enjoy the thrill of the chase, and will then get his reward from the treat pod. First build up a positive association with the quad pod so your dog knows that treats are secreted inside. Then start to snake the long lead along the ground so your dog has to play catch up to get his reward. Build up the speed of movement, and the extent of the chase as he becomes more proficient. In no time, you will have a willing interactive play partner, who values his toy – and you – because you are providing all the fun!

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