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Squishy Face Studio Flirt Pole


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The Squishy Face Studio flirt pole is a great tool to have in your training toolbox, with many varied uses!

  • A form of exercise
  • To work on impulse control
  • Create some space in dogs that are jumping up and might be accidentally catching you during play
  • For dogs that like to run away with the toy
  • To make the toy ‘come alive’ for those who need a little extra motivation
We are proud to be the UK distributors for Squishy Face, these flirt poles feature;
  • A bungee cord (that prevents whiplash in dog and handler)
  • lightweight design (the Flirt Pole with the included lure weighs less than one pound) e and easily changeable lure
  • Soft, non-slip grip and wrist strap for easy handling
  • Easily changeable lure


Flirt Pole Length

The difference between the two Flirt Pole sizes relates to the size of your play area. We recommend a minimum unobstructed space of 15’x15’ to use the regular size Flirt Pole. The Jr. 24″ size is much easier to use in play areas smaller than that.

**Please note, for the 36 inch flirt pole, due to courier restrictions we are not able to offer free shipping to the Highlands and Islands of the UK. Please contact us before ordering for details of shipping costs to both these areas and those outside of the UK**

Two colours are available, the orange/yellow lure which has a squeaker and the blue/aqua lure which doesn’t. Replacement  lures plus fleece and fur lures also available.

Safety Warnings & Tips
  • We recommend briefly walking your dog both before and after using a flirt pole to help prevent muscle strains.
  • Flirt Poles are powerful dog training devices and should be used responsibly. Never use for extended periods of time without letting your dog take breaks and drink water.
  • Causing any dog to jump can be hazardous; especially dogs under one year of age, whose bones are still growing.
  • Never use a flirt pole with dogs who have joint and/or hip problems.
  • We highly recommend only using the Flirt Pole outdoors on a grass or earth surface.
  • Wearing closed toe shoes is recommended if your dog has a tendency to run over your feet, with claws digging in.
  • Do not release your grip when your dog catches the lure. Letting go while the bungee cord is stretched can result in the pole section flying towards your dog at a high rate of speed.
  • Never attach a hard or heavy lure to the bungee cord. If your dog releases it with the cord stretched, you will have a dangerous projectile flying towards you.
  • The Flirt Pole is not designed to be used as a tug toy.
  • Never let your dog play with the Flirt Pole unsupervised. It will not survive as a chew toy. Always put it away after use.
  • Do not allow your dog to chew on the bungee cord. Check cord frequently for damage and discontinue use if damage is found.
  • For best results, also use the Flirt Pole as a training tool. Train your dog to sit, lie down, and wait to go after the lure until you give the command to do so.
  • Let your dog briefly catch the lure every few minutes and give them praise when they catch it, but then ask them to release the lure and start over.

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