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Competitive Obedience Training for the Small Dog ebook



Training a small dog is different! This book is the result of experimenting and improvising, making mistakes and learning from them. Book is written so you can do most, if not all, of the teaching and training yourself, only joining a class for the experience of working your dog with other trained dogs prior to competition. Topics include: can a small dog be competitive, puppy and pre-training, training plan and philosophy, equipment, heeling for handler and dog, sit, down, stay, recall, finish, stands, retrieve, jumps, signals, drop on recall, directed retrieve, scent discrimination, handling. Authors train Papillons.

Barbara Cecil and Gerianne Darnell have been involved in the sport of dogs for a combined 53 years. Between them, they have earned 7 OTCH’s, 6 TDX’s, 2 MACH’s, and over 100 High in Trials, with more titles on the way. Barbara and Gerianne have co-authored “Competitive Obedience Training For The Small Dog”, “Fear No More: Competing With Confidence”, and the video series “Small Dog Fun”.

Published 1994 T9E Publishing

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