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My Dog Pulls- What Do I Do?


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What’s It About?

Easy to follow instructions that teach you a kind and effective method for encouraging dogs to walk on a lead without pulling. Quick and easy to learn, the method can be applied to any dog no matter what size, breed or age. Dogs that are easily distracted, or that encounter situations where they may lunge, bark, or give aggressive displays can be helped to walk calmly and quietly on a loose lead.

My Dog Pulls explains:

  • Why dogs develop pulling problems.
  • Simple steps to retraining even the strongest puller.
  • How to rehabilitate the puller with clear, helpful paragraphs.
  • Correct use of leads, collars and harnesses. What works, what doesn’t.
  • Troubleshooting problems that arise during training.

Norwegian dog trainer Turid Rugaas has studied canine social language for over 30 years. Turid is one of the most popular seminar presenters and travels worldwide sharing her insights and research.

Published 2005 Dogwise Publishing

Pages- 64


This is a short book but with great information. As others have stated, the exercises are described in an easy to understand way and have accompanying pictures in great quality that make it so easy to get out and try.

Although walking nicely on leash can also be obtained with clicker training, not everyone wants to try that and this serves as a great first or second choice for those still wanting to use positive reinforcement to teach their dogs and build a relationship.

I also found her view on the use of head collars and harnesses interesting and will be evaluating my own thoughts on those training tools.

No more pulling,

Reviewer: Jennifer Saavedra-Martinez

This is a true testament to ‘positive reinforcement’ I have tried everything from Head harnesses, body harness, choke leashes, martingale leashes etc. etc. and NOTHING worked. It all takes time and patience and lots more time and patience but in the end it DOES work. If you keep working on consistently it does work!

Thanks so much for writing this book! I will treasure it forever!!

It really works

Reviewer: Bev Hubbard

I have a six year old Australian Cattle Dog & Border Collie cross. she was a rescue who came from a farm at the age of four with NO leash manners at all.
all of the other books said to stop when the dog pulls and/or go in the opposite direction
this is supposed to teach the dog that pulling gets you nowhere
Daisy learned that pulling causes Bev to stop doing what Daisy wants and she would get frustrated and bark but not come in the opposite direction
(because she wanted to go THE WAY THAT SHE WAS GOING!!!)
this book starts out with that but then you ‘shape’ the dog to come to you on command
when she goes from behind you to in front of you the leash is slack
REWARD for a loose leash and she gets it…really quickly
read it..try it and it will change your life


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