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This classic on the evaluation of movement and gait will help you to a better understanding of dog gait through cineradiography – “moving x-rays.” Continuing research has produced this third edition of a best seller, containing the most up-to-date scientific information. It is especially aimed at the layperson, with clear, simple wording and easy-to-understand drawings. Study of this material will aid in recognizing what is good and what is faulty action and the application of what is learned should produce rewarding results for the conscientious dog breeder.

Rachel Page has long been one of America’s most respected authorities on dog gait. Her unique illustrated lectures on the subject have been hailed by audiences all over the world and have done much to awaken breeders to the importance of recognising the rights and wrongs in the ways dogs move.

Published 2009 Doral Publishing


Best book on movement

Reviewer: Dixie Sick

This book and the DVD were required for my class for massage for the performance dog. It is a great book on movement and easy to understand. Fantastic.

The best book on movement!

Reviewer: Ross Tartan Collies

This book is excellent either alone or with the companion video! The drawings freeze-frame movement problems and helps the reader see the fault clearly. An absolute must for anyone who breeds, shows, or competes. Buy this book before you buy your next dog!

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