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Focus Not Fear


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What’s It About?

Reactive, fearful, even aggressive dogs need low stress environments to help them overcome their problems. Using innovative techniques–who else uses the family car as part of an almost outdoor classroom–Ali Brown details her successful methods for professional dog trainers ready to take on the challenge of rehabilitating reactive dogs. Get a glimpse inside the real lives of dogs who might otherwise “fail” tradition dog training classes. This should be fascinating reading for all dog trainers.

Ali Brown’s previous book, Scaredy Dog! Understanding and Rehabilitating Your Reactive Dog, has become a standard reference for the owners of fearful and reactive dogs everywhere. Ali has been running on-going reactive classes since 2002. With a Master’s degree in Education and a speciality in behavioural science, she teaches her students to think along the same lines, with a focus on positive reinforcement.

Published 2007 Tanacacia Press


Ever Wondered What it Looks Like?

Reviewer: Tami Hawes

Ali’s Focus Not Fear walks you through the classes of a group of dogs over a period of seven months. You get to meet the dogs and their issues as well as their handlers. Then Ali details how the classes went over that time, and the ups and downs that happen over that time.

Training behaviours or dog behaviours are in bold through the sections, so if you wanted, you could skim for those in the training logs. They are also easily indexed in the back of the book for quick page finds.

Photographs! Tons of photos in here and not hard to see black and white ones but full beautiful colour ones. Diagrams are also in colour!


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