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Bungee Rabbit Chuck It Ball Tug


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Bungee Slinky Ball


Bungee with Sheepskin Stuffed Holee Roller


Bunny Berry


Carlos the Crab


Chuck Ball


Chuck Tug Air Faux


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Derrick the Donut


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Double Udder Fur Ring


Faux Fur Bungee


To encourage interactive play, try the faux fur bungee which has proved a hit with our dogs!

The faux fur is a big attraction, and the bite area is of sufficient size so that it is easy to grip. The bungee allows for interactive tugging, and the fleece-lined handle is kind to your hands.

The faux fur bungee has been tried and tested for its safety and durability.

Faux Fur Bungee Furry Patriots Team GB