Milk Liner Bungee Tug


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Our udder tugs are made from cleaned, recycled “inflations” sourced from local farms in Wisconsin and the Midwest. The combination of the udder tug with a bungee handle makes for a sturdy tug. It is tough enough for a hard tugger and easy on your arm when tugging.

The udder section is 10” long with a 13” bungee handle. These toys have a slight farm smell to them which makes for an even more exciting tug!

Nylon colors may vary : please allow us to choose for you.


  • The udder section used to make this toy is sourced from Wisconsin and the Midwest.
  • An older version of this toy had an issue with the handle coming out while tugging. This issue has been resolved.
  • All TugAwayCuwin toys are intended to be interactive toys that are always used in supervised play and training. Because of the strong scent of our products, these toys should never be left unattended with the dog.


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