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Ke-hu Panda is a soft, slightly longer Ke-hu tug toy with a cute Panda design and Planet Dog ball.

Ke-hu toys have many great features. Shock absorbing bungee handles, materials that interest the dog, as well as delightful colour schemes and excellent durability. Ke-hu toys have it all!

Panda bears are fluffy, soft, playful, a little clumsy but very cute. we see these same features in some of our dogs, so the Panda is great theme for a tug toy.

Ke-hu Panda has a long super soft faux fur lining on handle and it is slightly longer than some Ke-hu toys. Panda has a soft and durable solid rubber ball by Planet Dog. Great toy to tug and chase. Due to the slim design, this toy can easily fit into a pocket.

Toys total lenght 62 cm. Ball height 5,5 cm.

Ke-hu toys are made from high-quality carefully selected materials.
Ke-hu toys are designed for active play between dog and it’s handler. They are not designed for chewing. When playtime is over, move Ke-hu out of dog’s reach. Please monitor your dog and play safe.

Ke-hu toys are made and designed in Finland.

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