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Quad Pod



The Quad Pod is not only a treat dispenser, it also encourages your dog to play. It is easy to pick up, and it can also be used as a thrown reward

Treat dispensing toys have revolutionised dog training – but there are some dogs who simply don’t like Velcro. Fortunately, the Quad Pod provides the perfect solution!

It is designed with four petals to create a treat pouch, but has extra material at the top so your dog can start to open the pouch before he comes into contact with the Velcro. The design also gives leeway as to how tightly you fasten the pouch.

It gives flexibility to your training – agility trainers have found it especially useful for jackpot rewards when working with contacts, grids, and distance skills.

If you want to maximise its versatility, you can attach a bungee handle to the loop on the base of the toy which will improve interactive tug and chase games, and will help to make your throw more accurate!

The Quad Pod is made from robust water resistant material Machine washable/ Line dry. Dirt resistant on all surfaces and has been tested for its safety and durability.

Special features

  • Treat pouch fastened with Velcro strips
  • A design that allows the dog to open the pouch without coming into contact with the Velcro – and you can choose how easy or hard it is for him to get at the treats
  • Loop for attaching handle

Handle Options

You can buy the Quad pod either on it’s own or on a range of different handles, as detailed below

Soft webbing handle – This allows you to use the quad pod as a thrown reward, enabling accurate and effective distance training. The movement adds to the excitement, and once your dog has found his treat, you can use the handle to make the maxi quad pod come ‘alive’ and develop some interactive play.

Bungee Handle – Once your dog has found his treat, you can engage him in an interactive tug game. You can also use it as a thrown toy when you want to reward him from a distance. The bungee is made from soft webbing and the fleece-lined handle is kind to your hands.

Chaser Handle – Turn your quad pod into a chase toy by adding our long webbing lead. Awakening your dog’s predatory prey drive is a great way to encourage interactive play – your dog will enjoy the thrill of the chase, and will then get his reward from the treat pod. First build up a positive association with the quad pod so your dog knows that treats are secreted inside. Then start to snake the long lead along the ground so your dog has to play catch up to get his reward. Build up the speed of movement, and the extent of the chase as he becomes more proficient. In no time, you will have a willing interactive play partner, who values his toy – and you – because you are providing all the fun!

Size chart

Treat pouch: Length 4 ins; width 2.75 ins

Petals: Length: 2 ins

All Performance Dog toys are intended to be interactive and should only be used in supervised play and training.


Additional information

Weight N/A

Bungee Handle, Chaser Handle, Webbing Handle, Without Handle


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