Recurve Sports Collar – Wicked Spider Blue




Designed by leading Australian agility trainer and vet for all dogs in sporting and everyday activities

  • Uses ergonomic modelling to relieve pressure points on a dog’s throat
  • The collar appears stiff but within 2-3 days thermal shaping material utilises a dog’s own heat to provide the perfect custom fit
  • Curved arch for unrestricted front shoulder movement
  • Low neckline for added comfort
  • Tested in the harshest condition of norther Australia to ensure durability
  • Highly resistant to fading
  • Made from military cordura and a high quality plastic clasp

Designed with cutting edge materials and with decades of medical knowledge.

Great Looks

Sports collars are available in a broad range of colours and patterns, and we’re constantly adding more. Side pockets keep the strap ends tidy, and when not on a lead the collar sits like a fashionable bandanna. Match your dogs’ colour or go with seasonal favourites, and then co-ordinate your look with a matching lead.

Made to Move

Active dogs have to cope with dynamic movement and forces constantly on their neck, so having a comfortable supportive collar is essential! The contoured side wings allow free leg movement and ensure no rubbing as the shoulder moves and the custom angled design fully supports the neck.

Built to Last

Wicked Hound collars are built around a durable but flexible skeleton. Featuring heavy duty cordura and high impact clasps with all metal slider fittings, this sports collar range is built to match the dogs that wear them. Not made in China these are all hand finished in the USA.

Ask any dog that’s worn one!


S : fits 11.5″ to 14″ (29 – 35 cm)

M : fits 13.5″ to 18″ (34 – 45 cm)

L : fits 18″ to 22″ neck (46 – 56 cm)

Measure the length around your dogs’ neck at the collar level. For large dogs place two fingers between the measuring tape and your dogs’ neck (and take this measurement) and one finger for smaller dogs.


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