Zero DC Multifunction Belt




The perfect accessory for a day trip, walk or training.

This walking belt has the following features:

  1. Padded leg straps
  2. Ring and carabiner for hanging items
  3. Phone pocket. Size 15x4x7 cm, securely held closed by velcro and a clip
  4. One closeable compartment for dog treats Size 9×9 cm, height 15cm can be detached from the belt
  5. Stranded Cord for attaching a bungee lead which allows the dog to pull

Available in the following sizes

S :  55 – 65 cm (padded part 56 cm)

M : 65 – 75 cm (padded part 67 cm)

L : 75 – 95 cm (padded part 76 cm)

XL : 95 – 110 cm (padded part 87 cm)


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