FitPAWS Wobble Board


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The FitPAWS Wobble board is an advanced balance training and core strengtheining tool for canines the 20″ version features a round non slip textured training surface and a 2.5″ wood fulcrum for full 360 degree dynamic rotation- While your dog works to stay centred on top of the balance board, your dogs core muscles will engage and strengthen. The 36″ version features an extral large non slip textured surfacce that is big enough for most dogs, it includes three interchangeable fulcrums for different balance challenges . Training regularly on the FitPAWS Wobble board is a great way to maintain strong joints and range of motion and mobility

Sizes wb20 20″ diameter/1 fulcrum

WB36″ diameter with 3 fulcrums

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20 inch, 36 inch


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