Apollo Balance Cushions


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Apollo Balance Cushion to improve core strength and stability

As used by the Smart Clinic, South Wales

  • Improves strength and athletic performance
  • Improves balance
  • Reduces injury risk
  • Improves muscle tone

33 cms diameter Comes in Red
Max weight 120 kg

Charlotte Harding, member of Team GB says:

“ Balance cushions are great for balance, proprioception, core stability and general maintenance.”

“ I use a balance cushion in my fitness programe to promote balance and proprioception. An agility dog needs to know where his feet are, and to be able to respond to movement or an unstable surface. For example, when a dog lands after a jump, the ground may be uneven or if he is running on sand and tries to push off, the surface has some ‘give’ in it.  Working with a balance cushion improves core stability and I can also assess whether my dog is weight bearing and weight shifting correctly. This means I can spot early on if the dog is slightly favouring one leg to another.
Charlotte’s favourite exercises with Scandal:

  • I have trained Scandal to put her front legs on the cushion. I then gently push her shoulders from side to side, ensuring that her hind legs are stable and she is able to weight shift happily either side, with equal weight bearing. I then repeat the exercise focusing on her hindquarters.
  • When her front legs are on the wobble cushion I pick up each rear leg (one at a time!) and place back down, making sure she is weight shifting correctly. I then ask Scandal to place her hind legs on the cushion and repeat the exercise, lifting her front legs, one at a time.


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