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What’s It About?

This book provides detailed grooming instructions for 164 American  Kennel Club and UK Kennel Club recognised breeds. Equally suited to the novice or more experienced groomer, it is a comprehensive instructional manual, with easy to follow instructions and tips and advice from industry professionals.

It offers;  a section on basic grooming techniques; a complete list and description of tools and equipment, plus which tool and technique to use on each breed; diagrams illustrating special clips and trims, such as, Poodle, Teddy Bear and Mixed Breed clips; tips on how to care or every coat type; a through index, allowing you to cross reference and easily find what you are looking for.

Edited by Mary E. Grangeia and Heather Russell- Revesz with contributions from Denise Dobash, Gay M. Ernst, Susan Gutman, Sandy King, Gloria Lewis, Susan Tapp, Risa Platau, Pat Wehrle and Chelsea Youngblood- Killeen.

Denise  breeds and shows Bichon Frises, and owns her own grooming shop, specialising in Bichons.  Gay has been involved in grooming, breeding and showing dogs since 1955, she also owns her own grooming shop.

Susan is the owner of Dog Patch, an all breed grooming shop, and graduate of the New York School of Dog Grooming.

Sandy has been in business as a dog groomer since 1965 and has taught dog grooming since 1970.

Gloria has been a breeder, professional groomer and show handler of champion Miniature Schnauzers for 25 years.

Susan has been involved with dogs for over 15 years, and is a certified groomer C.M.G by the Professional Pet Groomers Certification and has won several large grooming contests to date.

Pat is a dog groomer and freelance artist who also exhibits Pugs.

Chelsea has been a dog groomer in several different countries, and has learnt many different styles and techniques, including the Van Buren Poodle Clip.

Published: 2010 TFH Publications (USA)


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