The Parker Videos- How One Dog Got Started in K9 Nosework DVD


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What is it about?

This introductory DVD shows the progression of a dog, Parker, and her handler, Christy, who, after attending an Introduction to K9 Nose Work workshop, went home and over the next eight months, put into practice what they learned on that one day. The video diary Christy kept shows the progression of how to play and develop the game. The “Parker videos” are the focal point of the DVD and are supplemented with informative commentary from Ron Gaunt, NACSW co-founder, who describes the subtleties he observes during Parker’s searches. Viewers will come away with an understanding of:

  • Getting a dog started in K9 Nose Work
  • Common mistakes to avoid
  • How to make learning this sport fun for both canine and human partners
  • Terms and concepts

The mission of the NACSW is to make the activity of K9 Nose Work safe, fun and fair for every dog and dog lover through the sanctioning of all K9 Nose Work activities, the training of all Certified Nose Work Instructors, and the officiating of all K9 Nose Work Odor Recognition Tests and K9 Nose Work Trials.

More the NACSW- The National Association of Canine Scent Work TM (NACSW) sets the standards governing the sport of K9 Nose Work®.  The NACSW is the only official sanctioning and organizing body for K9 Nose Work titles and ORTs.

When was it released- 2013

Who produced it- Dogwise Publishing

Running time- 41 minutes


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