Nosework Scent Discrimination DVD


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What’s It About?

In this DVD we will see some scent discrimination games, in which the dog must detect and signal the presence of a specific scent (for example an allergen), or recognize an object that belongs to a particular person (for example its owner) amongst similar objects.

Nose work is the only activity that allows the dog to live his instincts and use natural abilities in such an enjoyable way for both himself and his human companion; this helps the dog to find balance and self-confidence and to develop a relationship of serene cooperation with his owner who will discover a new understanding of his dog and of its singular capabilities.

“The dogs that I trained in Angola were capable of finding anti-man mines that had been buried 20 centimeters underground 10 years earlier. A South African colleague told me about a dog who had signaled the presence of a mine at a distance of 30 meters. Why then are we surprised about Rambo’s excitement when the female who lives 4 kilometers away is in heat?”

About the Presenters

Turid is a dog trainer and behaviourist and has been studying canine social language for more than 30 years. Her best-selling book and DVD On Taking Terms With Dogs: Calming Signals has changed the way we think about dogs and brought a greater appreciation for just how intelligent dogs are.

Anne Lill Kvam’s passion for working with dogs began in 1986 when she trained her dog for search and rescue. Student of Turid Rugaas’s school, she has worked in Angola for the “Norwegian Peoples Aid” organization for the clearing of the anti-man mines. She was responsible for the instruction of the dogs and their conductors as well as supervisor in the operations of mine removal. Since returning to Norway she has managed her dog training school “Troll Hudeskole” and has become a highly requested speaker in particular as an expert in scent discrimination.

Released 2013  Haqihana

Running time- 60 minutes


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