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Feisty Fido


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What’s It About?

This second edition of a McConnell/London classic is better than ever! Updated and revised to be even more user-friendly than before, Feisty Fido is designed for anyone (novice or professional) who works with dogs who are overly reactive to other dogs when on leash. Whether your (or your client’s) dog reacts by barking, lunging, stiffening or hiding behind your legs, this booklet is full of humane and effective dog training solutions to a common dog problem. It includes new sections on equipment, an expanded section on “Where’s the Dog”, and revised instructions for teaching “Watch”. With plans for handling emergencies such as off-leash dogs who show up out of no where, this dog training program can make leash walks fun again, for you AND your dog.

About the Author

Patricia McConnell, Ph.D, CAAB, has been training dogs and helping dog owners for over twenty years. She is the behaviour columnist for The Bark magazine (“the New Yorker of Dog Magazines”), a consulting editor for the Journal of Comparative Psychology and Adjunct Associate Professor in Zoology at the University of Wisconsin- Madison. She hosted public radio’s Calling All Pets for 14 years, and is an internationally acclaimed speaker and seminar presenter. She is also the author of many books.

Karen B. London Ph.D is an Ethologist, a Certified Applied Animal Behaviourist and a Certified Pet Dog Trainer whose clinical work focuses on the evaluation and treatment of serious behavioural problems in dogs.

published 2009 Dogwise Publishing



Reviewer: Elaine Chan Whitlow

This booklet is SIMPLE, to the point! It’s very helpful for any dog owner who’s dog is experiencing leash reactivity. It is a must read, must have for all dog trainers. I read this booklet over and over again and use the exercise in my training to benefit dogs that have leash reactive concern.
I rate this booklet one of the must have in the tool box if you work with any dog that is leash reactive. and it is great book to read for all dog owner.
I enjoyed this book very much, and love every bit of the information. I will continue recommending this book to my clients and share the exercises that I’ve learned

Wonderful Info – A Great Mistake purchase!

Reviewer: Kirbyjakobs

So I actually ordered this book by mistake (thinking I was ordering a different booklet) and now think it was one of the best mistakes I have made. All of the McConnell/London booklets I have tried so far have been awesome. Small enough to digest them easily without being overwhelming, they are chock full of information with details and examples of real life practices that are sometimes lost in larger books. The watch me command can be a life saver.. not just for the feisty fido, but in other situations as well. 5 paws up!

Get ALL of these booklets!

Reviewer: David B

I have read most, if not all of Patricia McConnell’s booklets. These are must-have books for anyone exposed to shelter, or rescue group dogs. Yet, these books are simple enough, that even the serious, reqular pet owner can get benefit from as well.


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