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Family Friendly Dog Training


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What’s it About?

Describes a six-week programme to get people and dogs off on the right paw. Clear descriptions of humane and scientifically-based methods to teach basic exercises including sit, down, come, heel, stay and no jumping up. As importantly, the book emphasizes how to make training fun for those at both ends of the leash, and how to ensure reliable responses while still being your dog’s best friend. Includes trouble-shooting tips for what to do when your dog hasn’t read the training books and doesn’t respond as expected. Equally useful for training classes or for people who are “home schooling.” This is a book that many trainers will want their students to read.

About the Author

Patricia McConnell, Ph.D, CAAB, has been training dogs and helping dog owners for over twenty years. She is the behaviour columnist for The Bark magazine (“the New Yorker of Dog Magazines”), a consulting editor for the Journal of Comparative Psychology and Adjunct Associate Professor in Zoology at the University of Wisconsin- Madison. She hosted public radio’s Calling All Pets for 14 years, and is an internationally acclaimed speaker and seminar presenter. She is also the author of many books.

Aimee Moore is the owner of Dog’s Best Friend Training, Ltd in Madison, offering over 250 classes each year. Her special interest is in creating classes for the public that are fun, effective and family friendly.

Published 2006

Who published it? Dogwise Publishing

Pages- 103

Illustrations- None



Reviewer: C. Sobol

Patricia McConnell & Aimee Moore have created a resource that will be turned to again and again, in keeping with Patricia McConnell’s reputation.

This manual is excellent as a stand-alone or as a reference companion to any beginning pet dog obedience class. McConnell lays out each exercise logically and clearly, explaining all the steps and emphasizing important bits along the way, like not repeating commands, and even technical details such as *how* to position one’s hand to effectively lure the down.

I feel totally comfortable lending this out to first-time (or repeat) dog owners and knowing that they will have an excellent tool in hand.

I love Patricia’s clear, logical, scientific style and entertaining but not pedantic voice. In fact, this is a valuable reference tool in my own library to guide training sessions whenever I should next welcome another canine friend into my home.

Great Book for the Pet Owner

Reviewer: Jennie

Just loaned my copy to a co-worker in the office who mentioned his family was getting a puppy. He said his wife has put aside all the other puppy training books she bought and just LOVES this one. I love it when a good training book can grab the pet owner. Well done.

Another Fabulous Book by Patricia McConnell

Reviewer: Meredith Gage

Here is yet another fabulous book by Patricia McConnell and Aimee Moore. I am a reward-based professional dog trainer and have been using their new book, ‘Family Friendly Dog Training- A Six Week Program for You and Your Dog’, as a supplement to my basic training program. The chapters are arranged so each chapter covers one week of a six week program. I can never cover as much material as I want in an hour class, and this book allows me to provide a more comprehensive program to my students. It is loaded with training tips and up-to-date training methods, making it a must have for the novice dog owner’s library. Every professional dog trainer should be offering this book to their students. It will add value and quality to your training program. It’s an easy and fun read for the pet owner, very affordable, and not lengthy, so I find all of my students can take the time to read it. I love how Patricia and Aimee describe their own challenges and experiences making the book enjoyable and personal.

Patricia McConnell has been the most influential mentor in my career. I have learned so much through her books, videos and seminars, and have read her book ‘The Other End of the Leash’ three times.


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