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What is it about?

So many behavioral problems in dogs result from fear, but fear-based problems can become worse if treated incorrectly. This booklet provides a step-by-step dog training program of desensitizing and classical counter-conditioning. It can help you solve minor dog problems and prevent serious ones, whether your dog’s fears include the vacuum cleaner, people with hats, or the stranger at the door. Covered are the oh-so-important details related to identifying exactly what triggers your dog, creating a step-by-step treatment plan, monitoring your progress, and why you need to treat the fear and not just your dog’s reaction to the fear. This book has helped thousands of dogs and their owners around the country.


More about Patricia

Patricia McConnell, Ph.D, CAAB, has been training dogs and helping dog owners for over twenty years. She is the behaviour columnist for The Bark magazine (“the New Yorker of Dog Magazines”), a consulting editor for the Journal of Comparative Psychology and Adjunct Associate Professor in Zoology at the University of Wisconsin- Madison. She hosted public radio’s Calling All Pets for 14 years, and is an internationally acclaimed speaker and seminar presenter. She is also the author of many books.

When was it published? 2005

Who published it? Dogwise Publishing


Reviewer: Robin Sockness

Can’t say enough good things about this book. I keep a stash of them to give to my clients when we work with fearful dogs. This book totally makes sense. I love these booklets!

Reviewer: David B

I have read most, if not all of Patricia McConnell’s booklets. These are must-have books for anyone exposed to shelter, or rescue group dogs. Yet, these books are simple enough, that even the serious, reqular pet owner can get benefit from as well.

As this review is written this little 30 page booklet sells for just seven bucks. People pay more for a cup of coffee that is gone forever in ten minutes. If you have a Cautious Canine, I recommend the Feisty Fido booklet as a companion. Then again, I think anyone, with any interest at all in dog behavior should buy everything Patricia ever wrote. I almost have…


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