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Our knowledge of the behavior and evolution of wolves, foxes, coyotes, and Canis familiaris—the domestic dog—was extremely limited until the publication of The Wild Canids in 1975. Edited by Dr. Michael W. Fox, one of the premier researchers in the field, the 30 scholarly studies presented in this acclaimed volume represented a major step forward in understanding these fascinating animals. It also laid out a number of areas of inquiry that stimulated further study.

In the nearly 35 years since its publication, The Wild Canids has been a valuable resource for conservationists in protecting and re-introducing canids into the wild and in familiarizing dog trainers and behaviorists with the science of canine behavior. Today’s readers now have the opportunity to delve into the original research by such pioneers in the field as Bekoff, Belyaev, Zimen and many more. 

The Wild Canids is a Dogwise Classic book. Titles selected for this series are out-of-print works that are interesting, informative, and historically significant. They are the foundation for our current knowledge and Dogwise Publishing is keeping them alive for today’s dog enthusiasts.

About the Author

Michael W. Fox, D.Sc, Ph.D, BVetMed,  a veterinarian and ethologist, was born and educated in England. He received his D.S.c and Ph.D from London University. He is the author of more than 30 books on animal behaviour, training and health. Contributions to this volume included many distinguished scientists who specialise in behavioural psychology, ecology, genetics, and animal and human sociology.

Published First published 1975, reprinted 2009 Dogwise Publishing

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