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What is it about?

Hand stripping is the time-honored technique of keeping harsh coats in peak condition to protect the dog’s skin while doing the job they were meant to do. It is the correct way to groom many breeds to promote vibrant color and a harsh, crisp texture to the coat. The technique was used long before the age of modern electric clippers or razor sharp shears.

This DVD will introduce you to the basic tools and techniques of hand stripping and includes:

  • How to work with different tools and products based on coat type
  • How hand stripping promotes healthy skin and coat
  • Techniques for gently removing dead coat in the hand stripping process
  • The wide variety of breeds hand stripping can be applied to
  • How to combine hand stripping techniques with clipper cutting for speed and comfort of the pet

More about Melissa

Melissa started as a kennel assistant in 1977, and by 1979, was bathing and grooming pets in a large boarding facility. In 1983, she established “Four Paws Mobile Grooming” which grew to a fleet of six mobile units and a salon based operation in Grandville, Michigan that, in 1992, would become The Paragon School of Pet Grooming. In 1985, Melissa become a Certified Master Stylist under two voluntary testing organisations. By 1990, she ranked as one of the top six stylists in the United States and was a member of GroomTeam USA, representing the U.S. in world team competition in France. After her success in the contest area, Melissa became a respected judge and speaker at  events and functions. From 1997- 98, she was the coordinator for GroomTeam USA. From  2004 to 2006 she sat on the Groom Team USA board.

Who Produced it- White Dog Enterprise


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