Lee Gibson Agility Workbook


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What’s It About?

Ever been lacking direction, structure and a sense of progression in your training?

Designed to help structure and challenge you in your training, the Agility Work Book is for you. Suitable for Beginners (who can do equipment) to Advanced handlers and dogs.

Featuring 15 specifically different course plans, numerous exercises and Skill Drills, the Work Book will give you an array of ideas and training plans to follow.

The Work Book also includes detailed pointers for specific Dog & Handler skills on each course. Make your own analysis and notes as you work through the Work Book. Furthermore, an easy to use training record planner and a show results/analysis table are also included for you to keep a detailed and easy record of every training session and competition run.

The Key Work Book Points:
• 15 course plans designed by Lee Gibson ranked on a sliding scale 1 (basic) – 5 (highly challenging)
• Over 60 Skill Drills based directly on the skills identified within the course
• Bonus Example course and skill drills (showing how to use the work book)
• A Training record and planner for use with the Work Book exercises
• A easy use competition record encouraging you to analyse each run
• Specific note space throughout structured into separate dog and handler skills
• A hard wearing spiral and plastic cover – perfect for the demands of show and training venues

Ideal for:
• Individuals with equipment and who train alone
• Individuals who attend classes each week
• Trainers and instructors
• Clubs and Groups

“I wanted to create a Work Book that handlers could actually relate to. It is my vision that everyone can structure, identify and organise their skills so that every training session has a purpose and achievable goals. Structured training and a knowledge of not just what you are doing, but why you are doing it! I am very proud of this Work Book and it is my strong belief it will provide a invaluable training resource for handlers around the world”
Lee Gibson


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