Agility Performance Record Book


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The brand new Agility Performance Record Book

“Streamlining all the details you need to record courses, results and performance critiques, in one easily accessible place”

Designed entirely with the aims of you in mind, I am really proud to be able to introduce the Agility Performance Record, available in 5 eye-catching colours.

Following the launch of Lee Gibson’s Agility Workbook, which emphasised record keeping and performance analysis through the Skill Drills, I realised how much handlers were missing a user-friendly resource for recording their own results and course designs all in one, central and easily accessible place.

I am glad to say this has changed. Having watched so many handlers try and write down courses on the back of their running orders, or try and note down their results or dogs times on a scrap of wet paper, I analysed what was needed to make this process easier for handlers at competitions, and also produce a resource that could be referred to regularly at training sessions also.

I am proud to have developed the Agility Performance Record. Available in a striking orange, or a slick black colour, the Agility Performance Record allows you to keep seamless track of every course you run at competition, as well as all the vital statistics from your run, and also encourages reflection and performance analysis!

Agility Performance Record features:

  • Hardwearing durable cover
  • Index page for quick references
  • Personalise YOUR Agility Performance Record with you and your dogs details
  • Key Information page, for dog registration numbers, measuring heights and other key details
  • Slick design pen that attaches to the back cover
  • Draw each of your courses on the templates, and record an array of details ranging from the course length, weather conditions, and the winners time, too your course faults and time
  • Performance Analysis box to critique and make notes – ideal for taking back to the training field to work on!
  • 88 course map templates and Performance Record Keeping pages to use
  • Note space at the rear of the Agility Performance Record

I have a passion for agility and helping handlers continually improve, and results keeping along with performance analysis are a vital ingredient for improvement and marking progress.

I am proud to have designed the Agility Performance Record, and I am confident you will get a huge amount of benefit through using it.

The only choice now is which colour suits which one of your dogs, or indeed you!?

Good luck in your agility competitions!


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