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What’s It About?

So – we know that every one of you has met a Naughty But Nice dog. These dogs lunge, bark, growl, bite or generally look very worried! They may have been termed stubborn, dominant, aggressive, reactive, angry or even evil and downright difficult! These dogs are the most misunderstood dogs in town, and this brought us, as dog trainers, sport competitors, vet and behaviourists, to share the secrets to our success with these dogs. To own an “NBN” dog as a companion can be seriously testing to that relationship and as a sports dog can be career-ending.

In this DVD, Tom Mitchell and Lauren Langman,  share their innovative, completely reward-based and out of the box creative approach to changing both the behaviour of Naughty But Nice dogs and also their long-term emotional responses to things. They arm and empower owners (whether companion dog owners or sports competitors) with the skills they need to really achieve success and long term happiness with their dogs.

In Naughty But Nice they tackle:

  • being your dog’s expert
  • understanding how your NBN dog learns and harness that forever
  • understanding canine emotions and how to change them
  • discovering the unique personality of your dog and how to develop it further
  • creating calmness!
  • training a framework to make living with your NBN dog a cinch!
  • building an optimist and dog that responds positively to everything
  • being able to manipulate arousal levels
  • playing games to develop crazy focus and impulse control

About The Presenters

Lauren Langman, competes in Agility at level 7, the highest rank of competition in the British agility arena, and has been chosen to represent Great Britain in the World Agility Championship in 2006 and 2007. She also qualified for the Olympia Agility finals in 2007, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, she also won this prestigious event in 2013 in the novice category with here 3 year old border collie, Fiji. Many of her customers come from far and wide to train with Lauren, ranging from St Ives in Cornwall to Newbury in Berkshire. Lauren is the head trainer at Devon Dogs (her own training school) & is responsible for the design and development of all classes, workshops and events.

Thomas Mitchell has been training dogs (including in Italy where he grew up) for many years with a knowledge spanning many canine disciplines, including agility and obedience. Having no time to compete himself, he trains his dogs at the highest level and works with competitors in various sports to improve learning and performance in their dogs. Aside from his working practical knowledge of dog training and soon-to-be-completed veterinary studies, Thomas graduated from the University of Bristol with first class honours in Animal Behaviour and Welfare and top in his year and develops the science of dog behaviour, conducting numerous published research projects. Aside from the field of behaviour and training, Thomas also publishes regularly on canine neurology and conformation and teams up with the current international experts in these fields. With the aim of reaching more people and dogs, Thomas now focusses on developing trainers internationally and online resources for dog-owners and sports competitors.


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