Kathy Unplugged! So Many Choices DVD Set


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Two-Day Seminar Recording

Kathy Unplugged! So Many Choices

Presented by: Kathy Sdao DVD- 5 disc set

Dog training is an activity designed to elicit, modify and control the behaviors of dogs. It requires cognitive skill as well as physical skill and it obliges dog trainers to make seemingly endless choices about methods, tools and priorities. From the initial choice of how to get the desired dog-behavior to occur, to later decisions about how to integrate the learned behavior into the dog’s repertoire and daily life, the trainer must consider practicality, expediency and the dog’s emotional welfare.

We dog trainers aspire to make the best choices possible. And so we continue to educate ourselves, by studying the science, by watching great trainers in action, by brainstorming ideas and then trying them out with our own dogs, and by discussing concepts with our colleagues. This workshop will include all these activities. We’ll combine lecture segments about the practical application of SMART (See, Mark and Reward Training) with plenty of dog-training exercises, demonstrations, games and time for questions. Think of this workshop as a chance to participate in a two-day trainers think tank.

This two day seminar is packed full of information, for Kathy is truly unplugged! It combines lecture, powerpoint, video clips and instructional training with participants and their dogs. An added bonus is a short lesson on TTouch, a powerful tool in your toolbox for training. Lots of live footage of dogs being trained by clicker and treats to do various behaviors. Some of the behaviors are rear leg lift, holding a cookie and targeting that can be used for a variety of purposes.


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