How Dogs Learn


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What is it about?

How dogs learn explains the fascinating science of operant conditioning. The authors, recognised experts in this field, are also experienced dog trainers, and they explain each operant conditioning principle using dog training examples. For the first time, behavioural procedures that are used with humans, such as Behavioural Diagnostics and Functional Analysis, have been translated for applications with dogs. This book will help all dog owners solve canine behaviour problems and improve their proficiency as trainers.

More about Jon and Mary

 Mary is a Certified Behaviour Analyst. She has also been approved as a Certified Applied Animal Behaviourist by the Animal Behaviour Society. Her behavioural research has been published by the U.S Department of Education. Dr Burch has trained dogs to the advanced levels of obedience and is considered a national expert on the topic of therapy dogs. She has won the Maxwell Medallion from the Dog Writers’ Association of America for her writing on dog related topics, and is a founding member of the Animal Trainer’s Forum in the Association for Behaviour Analysis.

Jon is a professor of psychology at Florida State University. Dr Bailey is a fellow of the American Psychological Association and was on the Board of Directors of the Society for the Experimental Analysis of Behaviour. He is one of the most widely published researchers in the field of behaviour analysis. Dr Bailey serves as an expert witness on behavioural issues.

When was it published? 1999

Who published it? Howell Book House

Illustrations- Black and white photographs, tables and diagrams.


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