Force Free Gundog Training: The Fundamentals for Success


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What’s It About?

This book will equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge to begin training a working gundog using modernforce-free, and effective methods. This book includes discussion of the fundamental principles behind successful force-free gundog training. Illustrated step-by-step instructions show you, in detail, how to train your RETRIEVERSPANIEL or HPR without the use of fear, force or pain.

BESTSELLING author of Total Recall, Pippa Mattinson says:
‘Jo Laurens is a talented writer and her book is much needed. It dispels many myths about the pros and cons of force-free dog training and deserves a space on every gundog owner’s bookshelf.’

Do you want to train your gundog using effective force-free training?

Are you struggling to work with your gundog outdoors, in distracting environments?

Would you like to compete successfully, without using aversives?

Over 400 pages of detailed instruction and illustrations. Countless tips enabling you to avoid common training problems. Organised in 3 sections and 30 chapters to help you structure your training.


  • the remote sit to whistle
  • the clicker retrieve
  • heelwork
  • recall whistle
  • focus and engagement outdoors
  • hunting for spaniels and HPRs
  • marked retrieves
  • memory retrieves
  • stays
  • swimming


  • prevention to the point of extinction
  • generalisation and distraction-management (proofing)
  • repetition to the point of fluency
  • food motivation
  • daily routines and structuring your training
  • essential equipment

Foreword by Pippa Mattinson – Bestselling author of Total Recall. Pippa is the founder of The Gundog Club, Britain’s national graded training scheme for gundogs.


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