Predation In Family Dogs: Predation, Predatory Drift And Preparedness DVD


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What’s It About?

From the popular author of Culture Clash! Learn about the newest thinking on how to solve difficult behavior problems like aggression by looking at genetics in this seminar presentation. Presenter Jean Donaldson is known for her ground-breaking book /Culture Clash/ which looks at how humans can live with dogs more harmoniously by understanding the real nature of dogs. Jean discusses fixed action patterns, or behaviors which are hard wired, and the effect called “misbehavior of organisms” – when behaviors or fixed action patterns fire at inappropriate times. She explores how these phenomenon can interfere with even expert training attempts to address aggression using operant and classical conditioning. From her conclusions come a fresh view of the nature versus nurture debate and solid advice for today’s dog trainer working with aggression.

This DVD was produced from a dogTEC seminar held in 2004. Due to some unfortunate equipment failures, the production quality is not up to professional standards (some sound and lighting issues), and the price has been set accordingly. However, we believe that the original Jean Donaldson content and performance is too good not to make it available. Those of you who know her work know what we mean. So turn up the volume, pop the corn, and get your notepad ready.

About the Presenter

Jean has over 30 years’ experience in dog behaviour and training and is the Founder and Director of the San Francisco SPCA Academy for Dog Trainers. Jean is author of the award winning book, The Culture Clash

Recorded 2006

Running time 1 hour 45 minutes


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