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Winner of the 2008 AABP Multi-Media Award for Excellence – Best Dog Training Book (Books focusing on dog training issues) 
Winner of the 2008 DWAA Maxwell Award – Best Dog Training and Behavior Book 

Jean Donaldson brings her considerable wisdom — and wit — to a wide variety of topics of interest to dog trainers and enthusiasts in this book from Dogwise Publishing. In 55 essays, Jean tackles issues ranging from the nature vs nurture debate, to the role of dominance in domestic dogs, to what are the most effective ways to train dogs. You will note a number of themes that flow throughout the book. Jean is a firm believer in conducting scientific research (verifiable results) rather than forming opinions based on gut feel or taking an anthropomorphic view of dog behavior. She also admits that we are flying blind on many issues because of a lack of research and tells the reader when that is the case. She looks at problem behaviors (problems for humans at least) from the perspective that both a dog’s genes and environment impact behavior, and our ability to modify such behaviors is sometimes muddled since we don’t always understand how genetics and environment interact. And finally, just what is a Dog Mom (or Dad) and how did that phenomenon develop and what is its genetic usefulness, if any, to both dogs and people?! Along with her other best selling books, Oh Behave! is destined to be a classic in the literature on dog behavior.

Jean has over 30 years experience in dog behaviour and training and is the Founder and Director of the San Francisco SPCA Academy for Dog Trainers. Jean is author of the award winning book, The Culture Clash.

Published 2008 Dogwise Publishing

Pages- 264

“The mind of a dog is not an entirely simple thing as most people think; training them is a science nonetheless. “Oh Behave! Dogs from Pavlov to Premack to Pinker” is a guide for dog owners looking to train their dog with firmness but without cruelty. “Oh Behave!” Answers common training questions about nature and nurture, conditioning, how one’s personality affects the dog, and more, all while dispelling countless myths about dog training. An essential pick for dog owners and for community library pet collections.” James A. Cox

“Hold onto your leashes, dog-training fansL Oh Behave! Is another great ride from Jean Donaldson. This book is classic JD, with all of the solid science that wins her so many fans in the dog training and behavior community, and it comes wrapped in the wry, dry wit we’ve come to expect from her. While it may be too technical for the casual reader, Donaldson’s latest effort is a jackpot for those who are fascinated by the question of why dogs do what they do. If you’re a behavior addict, as are so many of us who’ve become captivated by the intricacies and possibilities of working with the canine mind, you’ll find much fodder here to feed you fixation. Oh Behave! Follows the Q&A format reminiscent of Donaldson’s Dogs are From Neptune, but with a broader range of compelling topics…As always, Donaldson covers it remarkably well, with a plethora of pithy, quotable sound bites. She excels at identifying points of dissension with dog-owning/training circles and setting the record straight, and is not averse to a well-aimed jab or two at those who perpetuate inaccuracies and myths about behavior and training… If you’re not already firing up your computer to go online and order your copy of Oh Behave!, then you’re not a true behavior addict. Go play with your dog.” Pat Miller

“Just when you think you’ve read just about everything about dog training, Jean Donaldson comes along with an incredible smorgasbord of food for though to shape Fido. Here, she tackles a wide array of owner questions she’s heard or has received directly… She… addresses training a deaf dog; controlling a barking, lunging, growling dog at the end of a leash; should full times professionals gone all day from home own a dog; administering medication and melatonin to dogs during fireworks or a storm; recognizing and treating “doggie Alzheimer’s”; desensitization to veterinary hospital visits; do dogs act out their owner’s prejudices; do genes play a role in a dog’s behavior. Donaldson’s unvarnished, earthy portrait delivers fresh new perspectives certain to provide you a more fulfilling insight and stronger relationship with that special dog in your life.” Ranny Green

“Author Jean Donaldson’s reputation long ago surpassed conventional dog-training literature. A renowned expert on behavior, her books… easily qualify as classics. In her latest offering, Oh Behave! Dogs from Pavlov to Premack to Pinker, Donaldson helps us realistically evaluate the ever-growing mountain of popular advice on training and behavior modification. Her insights come from the incomparable combination of verified scientific research, as well as extensive personal experience. She deftly combines theoretical concepts with the practical realities of dealing with real dogs ever day. In contrast to most training books, the end result is eminently interesting and entertaining. This is not a comprehensive training resource, so don’t expect an indexed list of common behavior problems. Donaldson discusses topics many conventional trainers fear to address, such as instinctive habits and perplexing phobias. Like any good storyteller, Donaldson uses intriguing openings to painlessly present academic explanations of canine behaviors and a good dose of humane psychology. Along with practical tools to deal with problems ranging from barrier frustration to noise sensitivity, Donaldson gives us plenty to think about. Dogs are exceedingly adaptable, and out attitudes and personalities have a tremendous impact on them. This is one variable that is unlikely to yield to any quantifiable law other than personal responsibility.” Amy Fernandez

“Jean Donaldson has hit it out of the park again with her newest book. Her familiar, sensible prose dedicated to the elegant meeting of science and common sense in animal training shines in this gem of a book. Oh Behave! is definitely the most recent addition to my “must have” list for any training library.

Oh Behave! is a collection of short essays on a variety of topics, each essay in answer to a question submitted by a dog owner or trainer. The questions cover many common experiences of pet owners navigating their way through the sometimes puzzling journey of living with and training dogs. From the growly dog to the storm- or fireworks- or vet-phobic dog, the frightened wallflower to the latchkey dog home alone all day, Jan discusses each topic with a candid assessment and uses each as a canvas to illustrate key scientific concepts in pet behavior…

Science is the basis for every essay presented in Jean’s book, and she makes even complex concepts approachable to any audience. Everyone from experienced trainers and handlers to first-time pet owners can pick up Jean’s book and get a good sense for the importance of using and understanding scientifically-based methods with our dogs. Whether you’re already addicted to animal behavior or a budding beginner, Oh Behave! is presented in an easy-to-understand style without being watered down or overly simplistic…

I predict this book becoming another of Jean Donaldson’s classics, referenced for many years in the future as an authoritative guide to our lives with animals. Rating: 5 paws out of 5 Monique Feyrecilde, LVT

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