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Aggressive Behaviour in Dogs


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What’s It About?

This text discusses understanding aggressive behaviour in dogs, functionally assessing the behaviour and constructing systematic programmes to change behaviour. Additionally it covers consulting skills and case management. This book looks at aggression from a behavioural perspective and provides a systematic and complete approach to understanding aggressive behaviour in dogs. It also includes an extensive glossary and practical assessment forms.

About the Author

James O’Heare, CABC, is president of The Companion Animal Sciences Institute, Director of the Association of Animal Behaviour Professionals, editor of the Journal of Applied Companion Animal Behaviour and owner of Behave tech publishing. James has studied the natural science and technology of behaviour extensively and has written multiple books on the subject, which have sold throughout the world. James has been helping companion animal guardians resolve problem behaviour, writing and teaching since the early 1990’s.

Published: 2007 Dogwise publishing (USA)



“AGGRESSIVE BEHAVIOR IN DOGS: A COMPREHENSIVE TECHNICAL MANUAL FOR PROFESSIONALS should be in every dog professional’s collection: it provides a comprehensive, technical manual on assessing the behavior and behavior change programs for dogs. From undersocialization and single-subject designs used in the experimental analysis of behaviors to behavior change programming, this packs in bibliographies for reference, assessment sheets, and everything the professional trainer needs to assess and handle dogs aggression. Few other surveys contain the technical, in-depth assessment of this guide”. James A. Cox



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